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The CSC is committed to better understanding both the experiences and impact of Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni as well as developing its knowledge and expertise in the wider field of scholarship evaluation. Alongside the survey framework and data analysis the E&M programme regularly reviews elements of the CSC’s portfolio of programmes as well as undertaking projects exploring specific areas of research interest and different evaluation approaches. A crucial part of this work is working with Scholars and Alumni and providing feedback to our various stakeholders and partners as well as learning from and engaging with internal and external colleagues through conferences and workshops.  Further information can be found below:

Evaluation Reports

Building Bridges: The Commonwealth Split-Site Doctoral Scholarship Programme 1998-2018 (December 2019)

Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarships 1960 – 2015 (December 2017)

Successes and complexities: the outcomes of UK Commonwealth Scholarships 1960-2012 (April 2016)

Trajectories and impact of UK Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Programme alumni: Interim quantitative analysis

Review of the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship scheme 2008-2011 (May 2014)

Assessing impact in environmental sustainability (June 2013)

Assessing impact in higher education and development (March 2012)

Assessing impact in the Asia-Pacific region (October 2011)

Assessing impact in building and sustaining Commonwealth principles on democracy (October 2011)

Assessing impact in the health sector (May 2010)

Assessing impact in the Caribbean (November 2009)

Assessing impact in key priority areas (June 2009)

Results of the alumni survey (November 2008)

Research and Working Papers

A study of research methodology used in evaluations of international scholarship schemes for higher education (June 2014)

Identifying Methodologies for Cost Benefit Analysis and Value for Money (February 2013)

Presentations and Posters

CSC Evaluation & Monitoring Programme 2020 Farewell Flyer

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Individual Profiles

Individual Case Studies (evaluation ones from few years back)

Summaries and Infographics 

Commonwealth Scholarships in Country Profiles

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