Alumni Advisory Panel

The CSC’s Alumni Advisory Panel provides a platform for Commonwealth Alumni to support the future of the programme and its Scholars by sharing personal insight and expertise to contribute to the development of CSC activities. Panel members are appointed for a two-year term and represent the multitude of knowledge and expertise within the CSC alumni community, with members selected from across the Commonwealth and CSC Scholarship and Fellowship schemes.

The first panel of 101 members was appointed in 2019 and completed their two-year term in 2021. During this time, panel members were invited to consult on a range of CSC activities, including: testing the refreshed CSC website; reviewing the CSC’s diary studies data collection method; distance learning scoping activity; and evaluating the Alumni Engagement Strategy.

Meet the panel

Appointed in September 2021, the 2021-2023 panel is comprised of 100 members, representing 26 Commonwealth countries. You can read the full list of members on this page.

Interested in this opportunity?

As a panel member, you can give back to the CSC by sharing your expertise, insights, and experiences to support Scholars and ensure the future of the programme. The panel also provides a platform to contribute to the global knowledge pool regarding the evaluation of higher education, scholarships, and postgraduate study.

Applications are currently closed and will not re-open until mid-2023. All Commonwealth Alumni eligible to apply will be contacted by email when new applications open.