CSC Time Limited Programmes

The CSC’s Time Limited Programme (TLP), is a one-year programme of activities responding to a specific priority area. Read about previous TLPs below.

CSC Time Limited Programmes

Each year, since 2018, the CSC has allocated a portion of funding to run a ‘Time Limited Programme’: a topic specific programme which runs for one year and encompasses a range of activities under a specific priority area. These areas are chosen to respond flexibly to current political or environmental challenges facing the Commonwealth.

Time Limited Programme 2023: LGBT+ Rights

The CSC believe that no one should be criminalised or persecuted because of who they are, or who they love. We believe that securing equal rights and fair treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) people is essential to achieving the sustainable development goals and the ‘leave no one behind’ agenda.

Time Limited Programme 2022:
Clean Energy, Air and Oceans

In 2022-23 the CSC is running a Professional Fellowship programme focused on Climate Change in the fields of Renewable Energy, improved air quality and sustainable use and conservation of marine environments.

Time Limited Programme 2020-21: Girls’ Education

In 2020-21 the focus of our Time Limited Programme was on Girls’ Education. This was in support of the UK government’s ambitious initiatives to get 40 million more girls into primary and secondary school in developing countries by 2026.

Time Limited Programme 2019: Disability Project

The CSC pledged £300,000 to support outreach activities and to encourage more people with disabilities to apply for Commonwealth Scholarships, and more Scholars to apply for subject areas related to the rights of people with disabilities.

Time Limited Programme 2018: Awards to The Gambia

To mark the Gambia’s re-entry to the Commonwealth in February 2018,a Time Limited Programme of awards was launched to support eight additional Scholarships for students from The Gambia; seven Master’s degrees and one PhD.