CSC Mentoring Programme

The CSC’s Mentoring Programme connects Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni to support knowledge and skills development and a practical understanding of how these can be implemented post-scholarship to achieve development impact.

The CSC aims to pair current Scholars with an alumnus working in a related or relevant field to their studies to provide individual advice and guidance during their studies.

Since 2019, over 200 Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni have participated in the programme. Participants have been paired with someone from their home country, home country region, or another Commonwealth country.

Why take part?

As a Mentee, new Commonwealth Scholars will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of how the skills gained during their Commonwealth Scholarship can be implemented to support development impact in their home country, drawing on their Mentor’s experiences and expertise. Mentees can also seek support in adjusting to living and studying in the UK and guidance on applying their skills and knowledge in the workplace, or in finding new, relevant employment opportunities.

Mentors will have the opportunity to work with and support a new Scholar in developing the appropriate skills and knowledge to achieve development impact and provide advice on how these skills can applied in their home country or home country region. The programme also provides an opportunity for Mentors to develop their mentoring skills and share their research and knowledge within the CSC community.

Following a successful application, Mentors and Mentees will be hand-paired based on their responses for a one-year cycle, which runs from December 2021 until December 2022.

Testimonial from a Mentee (2020-2021 programme):

“I signed up for the mentorship sessions because I needed someone to help me adjust and understand the education and cultural systems in the UK given that I had never studied in any other country besides my home country Uganda.  When I arrived in the UK, I experienced anxiety and pressure to fit in because I arrived in the UK when the semester had already begun due to lockdown restrictions.


“However, this eased down when I started having regular mentorship sessions. My Mentor gave me a very warm welcome and that was the beginning of one of my best professional relationships. Me and my Mentor discussed my academic performance, career goals and how to achieve them, work-life balance, financial management among many other personal development queries that I raised. She has been very instrumental in holding me accountable to my academic goal. I was free to reach out to her anytime I had a concern and she responded promptly. All this helped me to successfully complete my programme and learn a lot from her. Even after my programme, I will keep in touch with her because I would love our mentorship sessions to continue.


“I am grateful to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission for the mentoring programme because it’s a diverse programme that enables Scholars to adjust well in the UK, not only academically but also mentally and socially.”




Brenda Namirembe, 2020 Shared Scholar from Uganda

How to apply

All eligible Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni will receive full information about the programme and how to apply in September 2021.

Applications are now closed.

If you have any questions about the CSC Mentoring Programme, or how to apply, contact