Over the past few months, the CSC’s Regional Network Coordinators have been busy getting to know the Scholars in their UK regions and organising a number of activities to build connections and develop a supportive, vibrant network for Scholars during their scholarship award.

Discover what’s been happening across the Regional Networks in this round-up of recent events and activities.


In the East Scotland region, Scholars had their first online meet-and-greet on 21 November 2021 led by Regional Network Coordinator Tatu Emmaculate, who welcomed 12 Scholars from the universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Heriot-watt, and St Andrews to the event. During the session, Tatu discussed plans for regional future events and collated different ideas from Scholars about possible activities that could be organised.

Victoria Olaleye, Regional Network Coordinator of the West Scotland region organised a get-together with Scholars and a visit to The Hunterian Museum in Glasgow on Saturday 4 December 2021. Scholars had the opportunity to meet and socialise with each other for the first time, whilst also learning about the arts, humanities, and natural and medical sciences at Scotland’s oldest public museum.


Saida Murugwa, Regional Network Coordinator of the London region coordinated a virtual welcome event for Scholars on Saturday 27 November 2021. The event was well attended, and Scholars had a chance to get to know each other whilst participating in some interactive group games.


In the Midlands region, Olamide Eso organised an online meet-and-greet for Scholars on Sunday 28 November 2021. Around 20 Scholars from 8 different universities in the region attended the event and there was plenty of discussion about Scholars’ scholarship journeys and life in the UK.

North East

In the North East region, Joana Kolo-Mama organised an online social event for Scholars with a special guest speaker, Dr Rotimi Samuel Owolabi (Commonwealth Alumnus and former PhD student at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine). Dr Owolabi spoke about experiencing, adapting to, and enjoying the UK’s cultural, social, and academic environment. The event was attended by 27 Scholars and featured a game session with gift card prizes awarded to the 3 winning Scholars.

Joana also organised an end of the year get-together and tour of Newcastle on Saturday 18 December 2021. 18 Scholars attended and enjoyed visiting Newcastle’s various sites and landmarks and having an opportunity to network in person.

South West

Fredrick Omara organised the South West region’s first event at the Bristol Commonwealth Society on 4 December 2021. The theme of the event was ‘networking for development’ and Scholars had a chance to present their ongoing research and share ideas. The event was a great platform for Master’s Scholars to engage with the PhD Scholars and learn more about undertaking a research degree.


In Wales, Scholars had their first virtual meeting on 4 December 2021. Jimmy Asiku, the Regional Network Coordinator, welcomed Scholars and led a discussion on planning future events for the region.

Get involved in your Regional Network!

The CSC’s Regional Networks aim to help Scholars settle into their UK university environments and build lifelong friendships through activities, events, and networking. The Regional Networks are supported by our volunteer Regional Network Coordinators and University Representatives.

As current Scholars, the Regional Network Coordinators and University Representatives understand the importance of forging a strong Scholar community for advice, social connection, and to learn from the knowledge and experience which all Commonwealth Scholars bring to the network. But they need Scholars in each region to get involved in order to help the networks flourish and remain an active and supportive community for all Scholars studying in the UK.

To find out more about the Regional Networks and how to join the regional Facebook groups, visiting the CSC’s Regional Networks page.