Knowledge Hubs

The CSC’s Knowledge Hubs provide an online platform for Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni studying and working in similar disciplines to network and exchange ideas to support a shared sustainable development outcome under the CSC’s six themes.

The Knowledge Hubs are run via LinkedIn. You can join the Hubs using the links below:

As a member of a Knowledge Hub, you can:

  • Post news about your current research or work projects and seek input or advice
  • Share links to research publications and recommend reading
  • Promote upcoming talks and events
  • Ask and answer questions related to your discipline of study or area of work
  • Identify future partners and collaborators

To request to join a Knowledge Hub and start sharing your ideas and research with fellow Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni, follow the links above. You can join as many Hubs as you want.

If you have any questions about the Knowledge Hubs, please email