Climate Action webinar series

Green House Gas reduction in Canada

Date: 06/12/2021

Duration: 15:00-16:00 (GMT); 10:00-11:00 (EST)

Location: Online

Exploring the research and development of measures to reduce Green House Gas emissions.

In this webinar, Commonwealth Alumnus Kevin Goheen will showcase his experience of managing the Trottier Energy Futures Project, which is still the most comprehensive and rigorous exercise to develop measures to reduce Canada’s combustion based GHG emissions. It was the primary reference for the Government of Canada’s COP 22 (Marrakech) submission.

In this presentation, Kevin will describe the project and its non-intuitive results, and also the follow-on engineering/econometric work completed on carbon pricing.

The webinar will last for approximately one hour, including a Q&A session.

The CSC’s Climate Action webinar series will provide a platform for Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni working and conducting research in areas related to climate change to present on their work and impact in this field to the CSC community.

You can watch previous webinars, delivered as part of the monthly Knowledge Hub webinar series, on the CSC’s YouTube channel.

Kevin Goheen is an instructor in the Department of Systems Engineering at Carleton University in Ottawa. He has previously worked in engineering research and teaching and investment banking, and was the Executive Director of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE). The CAE is one of Canada’s three national academies and the UK equivalent is the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Kevin Goheen is a 1983 Commonwealth Scholar from Canada. He completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University College London.