25 November 2022

Empowering Ugandan Citizens to Access Information, Engaging the Youth in Policy Making and Promoting Entrepreneurship

We are very pleased to share our latest case study, featuring Phionah Kanyorobe, a Commonwealth Alumnus whose developmental work cuts across three CSC Development Themes: Strengthening global peace, security and governance; Access, inclusion and opportunity; and Promoting global prosperity.

Phionah has been instrumental in empowering Ugandan Citizens to exercise their human rights. She influenced and accelerated the implementation of the Access To Information (ATI) Act of 2005 and its regulations of 2011, as prescribed in the Constitution of Uganda. She has also led the Youth4Policy Fellowship Programme that gave youth leaders the opportunity to research and analyse specific policy questions and influence policy changes. Phionah has also supported the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative, which has resulted in better planning for investment and entrepreneurship growth in Uganda.

To achieve her development outcomes, Phionah often draws from the skills and knowledge honed during her Master’s Degree in Development Management, which she studied at London School of Economics and Political Science under a Commonwealth Scholarship:

Case study front cover‘I have often used the knowledge I got from the NGOs and Social Policy course that I studied during my Scholarship. I refer to development theories and find a way to make them relevant to my work in governance. Also, having gone through development management under the Scholarship and getting to learn the importance of involving communities and being introduced to institutions and their development, that knowledge enabled me to effectively deliver on this multi-district project.

I wrote my first thesis while on the Scholarship, the whole package has come in handy for me and this enabled me to do better research. The research reports I write are of better quality than before. I attribute that to the Scholarship. The confidence that I gained while on the Scholarship is incredible.’

Read Phionah Kanyorobe’s Case Study here