2012 Winner

Dr Kabelo Senyatso (2007 Commonwealth Scholar from Botswana, PhD Conservation Ecology, University of East Anglia).
Assessing range-wide conservation status change in an unmonitored widespread African bird speciesDiversity and Distributions – A Journal of Conservation Biogeography (Volume 19, Issue 2, 2013)

2012 Entrants

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Finding the benefits: estimating the impact of the South African Child Support Grant, The South African Journal of Economics (published online June 2013)

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Performing the political self: a study of identity making and self representation in the autobiographies of India’s first generation of parliamentary women, Women’s History Review (Volume 22, No 2, 2013)

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Dr Amrita Hari (2008 Commonwealth Scholar from Canada, DPhil Middle class mobilities: class, gender, transnational market in Canada, University of Oxford)
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Adam Lewandowski (2009 Commonwealth Scholar from Canada, DPhil Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford)
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Seema Maheshwari (2009 Commonwealth Split-site Scholar from India, PhD Chemistry, MDS University and University of Southampton)
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Natasa Mavronicola (2010 Commonwealth Scholar from Cyprus, PhD The boundaries of human rights, University of Cambridge)
What is an ‘absolute right’? Deciphering absoluteness in the context of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Human Rights Law Review (Volume 12, Issue 4, 2012)

Charles Melynk (2006 Commonwealth Scholar from Canada, PhD MicroRNAs as regulators of leaf form and development, University of Cambridge)
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Dr Gordon Nanau (2005 Commonwealth Scholar from the Solomon Islands, PhD Globalisation, Ethnicity & Governance, University of East Anglia)
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Lami Nnamonu (2008 Commonwealth Split-site Scholar from Nigeria, PhD Chemistry, University of Agriculture, Benue State Nigeria and Durham University)
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Dr Geeta Oberoi (2008 Commonwealth Split-site Scholar from India, PhD Law-Judicial Education, University of Delhi and University of Warwick)
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Productivity in different cattle production systems in Kenya, Tropical Animal Health Production (Volume 45, Issue 2, 2012)

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Dr Khondakar Rahman (2005 Commonwealth Scholar from Bangladesh, PhD Anti-Cancer Drug Design, UCL School of Pharmacy)
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A freestanding right or a means to an end? The right to strike in the ILO and EU legal framework, Trinity College Law Review (Volume 15, 2012)

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