Alumni Advisory Panel Reports

Alumni Advisory Panel Reports archive

The CSC produces reports on all panel activities highlighting insights and feedback from participating panel members. You can read reports on all the activities undertaken by the Alumni Advisory Panel below.

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Consultation on Interchange23: the CSC’s global alumni conference 2021-2023

Interchange is the CSC’s online global alumni conference. It brings together Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni to take part in panel discussions, skills workshops, and networking events to meet and share expertise.

This report summarises panel feedback on the draft 2023 programme, which proposed a new model for delivery, and suggestions from panel members on ways to develop the conference offering in future.

CSC's Gender Project

The CSC’s Gender Project aims to look at how gender impacts scholar experience and outputs throughout the entire scholar journey, from recruitment and selection through to scholars’ careers after their studies.

This report summarises insights and feedback from panel members on their experiences of the role gender plays in careers post-study and identifies trends and areas for further investigation in relation to the CSC’s work in this area.

Diary Studies Project Review

The CSC Evaluation Team introduced a Diary Studies project in 2019 to test the feasibility of using diary studies to collect data to monitor and evaluate the impact of Commonwealth Scholarships.

This report summarises panel member responses on the design, methodology, and implementation of the project.

Return Experiences Review

The CSC has investigated the experiences of recently returned alumni to identify the challenges faced in the months immediately following their Commonwealth Scholarship.

Find out more about panel member experiences immediately post-Scholarship or Fellowship and how they addressed or overcame challenges.

CSC Website Review

In September 2020, the CSC’s website was redeveloped to communicate more effectively the impact of Commonwealth Scholarships and improve functionality and navigation.

Read panel member responses on the functionality and accessibility of the website, user experience, and further recommendations.

Promoting research outputs and impact within the CSC’s doctoral community

The annual doctoral Taylor & Francis Commonwealth Scholar Best Journal Article Prize (BJAP) was reviewed in 2020 to identify ways to broaden this activity and promote the value of CSC funded research to international development.

Read feedback from panel members on the proposed changes and ways to support Scholars and alumni in achieving and communicating research impact.

CSC ‘Apply’ Section Website review

Following the launch of the redeveloped website, panel members were invited to review the ‘Apply’ section of the website.

Read panel member feedback on the accessibility of the ‘Apply’ section, including the user experience and presentation of content.

Evaluation of the Alumni Engagement Strategy

A new three-year Alumni Engagement Strategy is required to guide alumni engagement activities for the period 2022-2025. Following an internal review of the existing strategy, a new draft strategy was developed.

This report summarises panel member insights on the proposed engagement activities and potential new opportunities.

Consultation on the Alumni Engagement Strategy 2022-2025

Building on the draft Alumni Engagement Strategy 2022-2025 reviewed by the Alumni Advisory Panel 2019-2021 a revised draft was shared with members the Alumni Advisory Panel 2021-2023 for consultation.

This report summarises panel member feedback on ways to further focus and refine the strategy and proposed activity delivery.

Pre-Departure Briefing Review

Every year before they travel to the UK, the CSC invites Scholars to attend a Pre-Departure Briefing session (PDB) to introduce Scholars to life in the UK, and their time studying abroad. Following several internal pieces of work, the CSC’s Policy and Programme teams sought to update the briefing to make it more relevant to the challenges Scholars are likely to face.

This report summarises the responses from participating panel members on ways to update and highlight relevant content.

CSC Mentoring Programme

The CSC Mentoring Programme connects Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni to support knowledge and skills development and a practical understanding of how these can be implemented post-scholarship to achieve development impact. Now in its fourth year, the CSC Alumni Team are identifying ways to develop the programme and increase its value to participants.

This report summarises panel member feedback on ways to develop and enhance the programme for future delivery.