Dr C Devendra (Commonwealth Scholar, PhD and DSc in Animal Nutrition, University of Nottingham, 1966-1969), has recently published his seventeenth book, Small Farms in Asia: Revitalising Agricultural Production, Food Security and Rural Poverty.

Small farms make a significant contribution to food production, and are a complex combination of crop and livestock farming, with animals often enhancing the sustainability of the farming systems. The book provides new knowledge and important contribution, in the light of current global concerns on food security, continuing poverty and hunger. It assesses opportunities for increasing productivity, emphasises the contribution of animals to small farms, and underlines the importance of policy and increased investments to stimulate agricultural growth in Asia.

Dr Geoffrey Wango (Commonwealth Scholar, PhD Guidance and Counselling in Schools, University of Birmingham) has co-authored two recent publications – Counselling in the School: A Handbook for Teachers (Nairobi: Phoenix Publishers, 2007) and School Administration and Management: Quality Assurance and Standards in Schools (Nairobi: Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, 2009).