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Great image of the earth. The shadow shows the night and the day Climate Change: More than a Single Issue

From agriculture to education to public health, the CSC’s Evaluation Team illustrate the breadth of the areas in which Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni are working as part of their efforts to tackle the far-reaching impacts of climate change.

The word article is on a tablet Advocating for action

Commonwealth Alumnus Sirazoom Munira is currently supporting the Government of Bangladesh in its ongoing Presidency of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and Vulnerable Twenty (V20) as a Programme Officer for the CVF and V20 support program of the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) based in Dhaka. In this article, she shares insights into her role with the CVF and V20 and Bangladesh’s leadership on national and global climate change commitments, ahead of COP26.

Making waves

Emmanuel Mudaheranwa explains how his set of renewable energy scenarios will contribute towards Rwanda’s plans to achieve high-income status by the year 2050.

The word article is on a tablet Collaboration: the key to tackling climate change

Sunday Sarah Fortunate, a Climate Change specialist, highlights her involvement in building relationships and accelerating the sharing of climate change knowledge among stakeholders across Uganda.

Aerial view of flood in Ayutthaya Province,Thailand. Pinpointing the problem

Countries must develop systems to monitor, respond, and build community resilience in the face of intensified natural disasters and severe weather patterns caused by climate change. Commonwealth Alumnus Carrol Margaret Helena Chan highlights the importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in preparing for natural disasters in the Pacific.

The word article is on a tablet Laying the groundwork

Adetunji Alex Adekanmbi explains how his work will increase the accuracy of the predicted impact which environmental change will have on the further release of carbon stored in soils, and how regenerative agricultural methods can mitigate the acceleration of climate change by helping to retain carbon in the ground.

Carribean Island Small islands, big barriers

Courtnae Bailey discusses the difficulties in securing financial investment for climate change adaptive projects within the Caribbean Small Island Developing States, and suggests ways to attract private investment which will, in turn, help build resilience to climate change.

REDD pilot beneficiaries Digging deeper: The quest to uncover and solve deforestation issues

Following field investigations in 2019, Josiane Gakou Kakeu sheds light on the successes and limitations of REDD+ pilot initiatives in Cameroon, which aim to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

Deforestation - dry land Sustaining people and the planet

Ngao Mubanga, an Environmental Specialist working with The World Bank, explains the main driving forces of deforestation in Zambia, and argues for the use of sustainable agriculture management and forest conservation through incentives such as carbon finance.

The word article is on a tablet New research, new knowledge

The winner of the 2020 Taylor & Francis Commonwealth Scholar Best Journal Article Prize and three fellow finalists summarise their pioneering research

Diagram of lungs Quarantining COVID-19

Miraj Kobad Chowdhury explains the air-liquid culture (ALI) techniques he is practising in order to investigate exactly how respiratory viruses, such as the one responsible for COVID-19, infect human lung cells and define specific cell sensitivities to the infection.

A landscape of Sierra Leone From epidemics to a pandemic

Alpha Forna explains how inclusive research is making a difference in dealing with epidemics and pandemics, focusing on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and more recently COVID-19.

Acha Anwi Therese providing antenatal and health sensitisation to pregnant women in a hospital in Bota, Limbe Delivering healthcare in Cameroon

Acha Anwi Therese, a nursing volunteer from Cameroon, demonstrates how health education plays an important role in the prevention of diseases through her healthcare delivery work to vulnerable populations and to those displaced by conflict.

The word article is on a tablet Practising care-giving through keyboards

Nanthini Arumugam, a Professor in the Department of Community Health Administration at the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW), shares the challenges faced by nurses in India during COVID-19, and the efforts of teaching institutes in providing critical and responsive training to support healthcare professionals on the frontline, and to those currently studying.

Face masks found at the beach Uncovering plastic pollution

Through the work of his organisation, OceansAsia, Teale Phelps Bondaroff shares findings on the impact of COVID-19 on marine plastic pollution, particularly the effect which disposable masks have had on this issue.

People walking on a bridge Youth action

Margaret Atimango (2006 Distance Learning Scholar) and Gilbert Atuhe (a National Resilience Coordinator) discuss their work with Save the Children (a global children’s charity which aims to help every child reach their full potential) and explain how they are supporting communities and youth at risk of climate-led disasters in southwestern Uganda.

A map that shows Small Island Developing states (SIDS) Supporting small island states

Marlene Attzs is a Lecturer in Economics at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. Her research has a primary focus on sustainable economic development issues confronting Caribbean Island States. She is also a Civil Society Advisory Governor (CSAG) to the Commonwealth Foundation, the Commonwealth agency for civil society.

A cow Collaborative power

Dr Keneth Iceland Kasozi, joined by Professor Susan Christina Welburn, Chair of Medical and Veterinary Molecular Epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, describe the impact of One Health approaches in finding solutions to disease outbreaks.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Aashima Sharma explains the importance of developing wastewater treatment practices alongside industrial and agricultural expansion.

Man behind bars Justice defenders

Matteo Cassini, Community Development Manager at Justice Defenders (formerly the African Prisons Project), explains his work to increase access to legal systems and the application of criminal law in Africa, and the impact of Commonwealth Professional Fellowships in helping to transform and strengthen access to justice.

Inclusive Learning Illustration Inclusive education

Commonwealth Scholars Samuel Frimpong and Evans Lwimba share their experiences of deaf education in Ghana and Zambia and discuss developments which will improve educational inclusion in their respective countries.

Cancer awareness campaign Connections which combat cancer

Runcie C W Chidebe explains the direct benefits his Shared Scholarship is having on the work of his NGO, Project PINK BLUE – Health & Psychological Trust Centre, to improve health outcomes in Nigeria.

waste products as building materials Waste not, want not

Oriyomi Modupe Okeyinka explains how her research into the utilisation of waste by- products as building materials has contributed to the development of sustainable and affordable housing.

Common Knowledge - Issue#9 Art 3 Radiating healthcare

Corey Drakes, a medical physicist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, explains the shortfalls in radiation medicine in the Caribbean and his ongoing work to improve patient care.

Common Knowledge - Issue#9 Art 2 Increasing access to transport

This year, as part of the CSC’s growing programme of engagement, Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni were involved in a consultation on DFID’s High Volume Transport Project.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation International year of plant health

To mark International Year of Plant Health, Ida Wilson, a plant pathologist and Crop Health Consultant, explains the importance of plant health and the threats plants currently face across the globe.