Climate Change: More than a Single Issue

by | Jul 28, 2021

From agriculture to education to public health, the CSC's Evaluation Team illustrate the breadth of the areas in which Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni are working as part of their efforts to tackle the far-reaching impacts of climate change.

Examples of work from our alumni:

“We developed a training module for women and climate change so that we could select women ambassadors from the community and build their confidence to become climate change advocates in their region. Finally, they put their stories forward at a national level workshop. This had a policy level implication to include more gender sensitive climate change policy interventions.”

2015 Commonwealth Shared Scholar

“I give technical advice to countries on Comprehensive Disaster Management Outcomes, providing a stronger evidence base for the development of policy, legislation and country strategies that safeguard people, support sustainable development and build resilience against disasters and climate change.”

2013 Commonwealth Doctoral Scholar

Hundreds of Commonwealth Alumni have been engaged in work directly focused on environmental issues and climate change in recent years. However, the climate crisis is not a single-issue. It is multifaceted, affecting all aspects of our lives and requiring a broad, crosssectoral response. From agriculture to education to public health, these are just some of the other areas that Alumni are addressing as part of their environmental work.

“My activities supported over 2,500 youth-led businesses to develop and implement environmental action plans to safeguard the planet and ensure environmental sustainability, thus making the businesses socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable.”

2014 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholar

“I have conducted several research projects on assessing the agro-climatic characteristics and land suitability assessment for 10 major crops in coastal areas. The outcomes [are being] considered by policy makers to devise sustainable agriculture practices in the salinity-prone areas to cope with changing climate and sea-level scenarios.”

2011 Commonwealth Doctoral Scholar