On Saturday 29 June 2019 the annual Commonwealth vs Chevening football match took place at Norton Sports Park, Sheffield. This event brings together scholars funded by both the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission in the UK (CSC) and Chevening for an afternoon of sports, relaxation and networking.
We would like to thank Commonwealth Scholar and South East Regional Network Coordinator, Damilola Olisa, for organising the event. Approximately 60 Commonwealth and Chevening Scholars and Fellows attended the match to play, cheer and support their respective teams.


The match kicked off at 2pm, shortly after a quick team warm-up on both sides, and the Commonwealth team was on to a great start. With a strong defence from the Commonwealth team, Chevening FC found it nearly impossible to score. That did not stop them from putting up a good fight – which was particularly evident with goalkeeper Jose Davila – who not once but twice blocked the Commonwealth team from scoring.
The Commonwealth team scored three goals in the first half and spirit was high among their supporters. The first half of the game closed with a 3-0 score to the Commonwealth team.

Two people tackling over a ball on a pitch/
A Commonwealth Scholar and a Chevening Scholar in a tackle.

Burst of energy                                      

After a short break, the whistle was blown for the start of the second half and within five minutes (to the delight of all CSC supporters!) the score was 4-0.

Not willing to accept defeat, Chevening FC burst forth with the most extravagant energy and scored two goals, one after another, in quick succession.

After 4 goals to 2, intertwined with a couple of surprises on Chevening’s part, Chevening FC kept the Commonwealth team on their toes. With their tackles and dribbles, they managed to tire some of the Commonwealth players. Unfortunately, for the Chevening team, there was a gut-wrenching moment of an own goal! 

With 15 minutes left to the game, and with a 5-2 score from a match characterised with surprises and shock, there was still all to play from both teams. Chevening FC still maintained their energy and a strong sense of determination and scored another goal. Aiming to dominate the last few minutes of the game, they focused their attention on tackles and blocking strikers.

The final whistle

The Commonwealth team made strong passes and kept the ball away from their goal posts. With the final whistle blown, the match ended and the celebrations (from both sides) started. The final result was 5-3 to the Commonwealth team, a score worthy of pride for both teams! Awards were handed to players with a round of applause.

Well done to all who attended to cheer and play and congratulations to the Commonwealth team for winning this year’s football match against the Chevening team.

You can view pictures taken from the event on the CSC Flickr page.