On Friday 21 July, the Association of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows India (ACSF) Executive Board held an annual meeting to agree event and engagement activities for Commonwealth Alumni in India in 2023/2024. 

Led by ACSF President, Dr Dhruva Chaudhry, members of the Executive Board discussed new opportunities to engage Commonwealth Alumni, agree activity themes, and the mode and location of delivery. 

Key outcomes of the meeting are that: 

  • An in-person event designed to showcase the impact of Commonwealth Alumni and encourage learning and networking should be delivered. Proposed locations for these showcase events were Delhi, Mumbai and South India. 
  • Thematic areas to support showcase events are: Gender roles; Mental health; Access and inclusion, including disability and LGBTQ+. Cultural diversity was also proposed for an event in Mumbai. 
  • Increased use of social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook would be implemented to widen the reach of ACSF and increase awareness and participation. 

At the end of the meeting, the Executive Board re-confirmed their support and dedication to delivering events and activities in-country.