On Friday 24 July, the CSC Alumni Team hosted the latest webinar, ‘Inclusive mobility as a service in Lagos, Nigeria,’ delivered by Commonwealth Alumnus Ejiro Matilda Ikoko. The webinar addressed the CSC development theme, Science and technology for development.

The CSC’s Development in Action webinar series aims to highlight the work and research of Commonwealth Alumni across a variety of development impact areas.

About the speaker

Ejiro Matilda Ikoko is the Student Sustainability Architect in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Leeds. In this role, she aims to promote sustainability culture amongst students by developing and promoting sustainability initiatives in the faculty.

Her research interests include inclusive mobility, mobility as a service, multimodal transport, transferability of policies/models between geographical locations, and smart urban mobility.

Ejiro is a 2019 Commonwealth Scholar from Nigeria. She completed an MSc in Transport Planning at the University of Leeds. She is now a 2021 Commonwealth Scholar pursuing a PhD in Transport Studies at the University of Leeds.

Transboundary climate risk and governance

In this webinar, Ejiro shared findings from her master’s research and insights from her current PhD on the mobility needs and challenges of vulnerable groups, such as women and visually impaired people.

Ejiro discussed existing knowledge on mobility concerns across vulnerable groups and highlighted the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as a solution to make transport accessible and inclusive to all.

The webinar presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session with Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni.

You can watch the webinar and previous events in the series by visiting the CSC’s YouTube channel.

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