evaluation-impact-environmentAlumni who were awarded their Commonwealth Scholarship or Fellowship in years ending ‘4’ or ‘9’ will be hearing from the CSC Evaluation team in February/March of next year when we send out our annual electronic evaluation survey. The 2013 survey respondents (Award years ending 3 and 8) were a fantastic help! There was a rate of 45 % returning the survey to us by the deadline, a big increase over the 31% who did so in 2012.

We can’t stress enough how vital this data is to the continued funding and success of the Commission’s various programmes and are hoping that our “4 and 9” cohorts will break the 50% response rate barrier in 2014!

This annual exercise replaces the one off survey exercise that we undertook in 2008, where over 2,200 of you responded to our plea for information about the outcomes and impact of your awards, on you as well as on your institutions and wider communities. This year we published the last of our sector reports focussing on this data ‘Assessing the impact of Commonwealth Scholarships on Environmental Sustainability’. Visit the Evaluation pages to view the CSC’s other evaluation reports.