Two men and a woman sitting making notes and talking.
Leaders in Sustainable Development workshop

Leadership Models and Decision Making
Date: 25/11/21
Duration: 15.30-17.30 (GMT)15:30-17:30
Location: OnlineOnline

Do you want to better understand your leadership style and learn how to motivate others? Find out how in this workshop!

This workshop in a fantastic introduction to all things to do with leadership and making effective decisions!

During the workshop you will cover:

  1. Different models and frameworks of leadership
  2. Different styles of leadership
  3. The difference between leadership and management
  4. How to motivate yourself and others for impact
  5. Typical leadership pitfalls

You will practise using different leadership models, and look at scenarios for how these might play out in real life. You will also have the opportunity to do a quiz to understand your own personal leadership style and consider how to adapt your personal approach for success. Finally, there will be a chance to practise using coaching models to help with decision making and having courageous conversations with others.

The CSC’s Leaders in Sustainable Development programme of workshops focus on professional and practical skills and are designed to be interactive, with small groups of Scholars and Fellows taking part in each event.

Before attending the workshop

Attendees should do the session pre-reading and return the completed Situational Leadership Style Self-Assessment in preparation for the workshop. Please return the Situational Leadership Style Self-Assessment to by 14:00 GMT on Tuesday 23 November 2021.

After the workshop

If you attended the workshop, you can view the workshop slides and access the Engagement and Reflection Log for further learnings.

This workshop will be run by AccessEd, a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting fair access to university for all young people. Alongside running in-school programmes for under-represented pupils, they also work with researchers across the world, training them to focus on outreach and public engagement skills, career readiness, and leadership development.

AccessEd workshops are designed and delivered by qualified teachers and academics with extensive experience of training researchers across the UK and internationally.