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Public Engagement (May workshop)
Date: 27/05/21
Duration: 15:30 - 17:30
Location: Online

Harness the tools to build public engagement around your development projects in this online workshop.

This workshop will be highly interactive and will give Scholars a chance to:

  • Learn about a wide range of approaches to public engagement.
  • Use a design approach to develop public engagement ideas, including techniques to better understand their audience.
  • Exchange and stress test ideas with fellow Scholars.

This workshop is part of the CSC’s Development Training Programme for the 2020-21 academic year.

CSC workshops focus on professional and practical skills and are designed to be interactive, with small groups of Scholars and Fellows taking part in each event.

Pre-workshop task
Complete the three exercises on designing public engagement activities using the template PowerPoint slides.

Please ensure you complete all three exercises and bring them with you to the workshop. They will be used in an specific activity during the workshop.

If you attended this session, you can access the workshop slides here. 

This workshop will be run by Juan Casasbuenas who specialises in education and science communication. Juan previously worked for SciDev.Net coordinating their strategic approach to capacity building for science communication and science journalism. Before joining SciDev.Net, he worked at an educational charity, training and supporting researchers to deliver courses based on their research to pupils in schools. Juan also worked for several years as a science teacher with an emphasis on supporting teachers through their training.

Juan has experience in developing training plans and toolkits with the aim of delivering sustainable training programmes. Juan project managed a number of capacity building initiatives including training of trainers, media mentoring, and networking programmes in Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa. He has experience working with multiple media outlets and research institutions in a variety of countries.