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Scholar drop-in session 30th September
Date: 30/09/21
Duration: 15:00-16:00
Location: Online

Get to know fellow Scholars at our weekly drop-in session! 

Join our virtual weekly drop-in session to connect with other Scholars and talk about what you’ve been up to recently. Hosted by CSC staff, the drop-in sessions provide a space to have an informal chat and a break from your studies. They are also great opportunity to discover more about your fellow Scholars through fun activities led by CSC staff.  

The drop-in sessions are open to all Scholars, at any stage of their studies and at any institution. So why not get to know your CSC cousins at drop-in session soon! 

The agenda for these sessions changes from week to week. If you have any suggestions for future sessions, you can let us know by emailing engage@cscuk.org.uk 

The sessions are hosted by CSC staff from the Programme Team.