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CSC Alumni Canada

Virtual meet-up for Commonwealth Alumni

Date: 11/02/2023

Duration: 17:00-18:00 (EST)

Location: Online

Commonwealth Alumni meet and greet in Canada

The Canadian Association of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows (CACSF) will host a virtual meet-up for Alumni members.

The virtual meet-up will provide an opportunity for  association members to meet and network with each other, and learn about Alumni members’ experiences whilst on award and their current professional roles. 

The event will be organised by the association coordinator, Kevin Goheen and Liz Raddatz.

Kevin Goheen is a 1983 Commonwealth Scholar from Canada. Liz Raddatz is a 2005 Commonwealth Scholar from Canada.

The virtual meet-up will include breakout group sessions. Information will be shared with registered attendees.

Information will be shared with registered attendees.