On 8 December, Commonwealth Alumni in Kolkata, India attended a panel discussion on, ‘Mental Health Emergency – How Modern Lifestyle affects our Mental Health’.  

The event opened with a welcome address by Aatreyee GuhaThakurta, Head of Higher Education Mobility, British Council India and Rishikesh Chanda, National Lead for Infrastructure and Head of Trade and Investment, British High Commission, Kolkata. They introduced the panel topic and speakers.  


  • Dr Oihika Chakrabarti (1997 Commonwealth Scholar), Doctor of Art Therapy (DAT), Pioneering Art Psychotherapist (India); Founder Director, Manahkshetra Foundation; Chairperson, The Art Therapy Association of India (TATAI) 
  • Nilanjana Maulik (2011 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholar), Secretary General, Alzheimer’s And Related Disorders Society Of India, Kolkata 
  • Dr Sonia Mathai (2018 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholar), MD, Fellowship (Gynaecological Oncology); MPH, Department of Preventive Oncology, Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata  
  • Dr Sandip Chatterjee, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Academic Co-ordinator, Park Clinic, Kolkata 

The panel discussed the importance of creating a healthy environment to relieve stressors and keeping check on emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing to maintain good mental health.  

The panel discussion was followed by a Q&A session and networking reception.