On 01 December 2023, the Commonwealth Scholarships Alumni Association of Kenya (CSAAK) hosted a hybrid panel discussion on, ‘Leveraging Technology and Innovation in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Kenya and beyond’.

The event coincided with Kenya Innovation Week (KIW) taking place in Nairobi, Kenya (27 November – 01 December). The conference brought together a diverse assembly of leaders, business figures, young innovators, and academics to explore and promote opportunities for innovators across the Commonwealth, and was attended by CSC Commissioner, Professor Kevin Ibeh, and CSC Alumni Relations Manager, Kirsty Scott.

In the spirit of the KIW theme, ‘Innovating to Unlock Our Common Wealth’, the event was open to all Commonwealth Alumni to attend in person or online, marking the first alumni association event delivered to the CSC’s global community.

The event opened with a welcome from Sarah Amoit, CSAAK President. She introduced the importance of understanding AI technology and its potential across different sectors and broader implications for business. Professor Ibeh expressed his sincere appreciation for the efforts of the alumni association in organising the event and their dedication and service to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) and the role of its members as catalysts for change.

Understanding AI in different sectors

The panel featured experts from diverse backgrounds, each possessing distinct experiences in their interactions with artificial intelligence (AI).


  • Ambrose Njeru (2019 Commonwealth Shared Scholar), Head of ICT, TripleOKLaw LLP Advocates
  • Elizabeth Mutua (2009 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholar), Lecturer, Dedan Kimathi University
  • Dr William Murithi (2012 Commonwealth Shared Scholar), Business Coach, iBiz, Strathmore University
  • Polive Owino
  • Dr Collins Mwange (2000 Commonwealth Scholar), Lecturer, University of Nairobi
  • Madeleine Mung’ei (2019 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholar), Founder & Technical Lead, Turn-Key Aquaculture
  • Nicku Abraham Mathew (2016 Commonwealth Shared Scholar from India), Senior Consultant, EY

The discussion revolved around explaining the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), exploring its diverse applications, and explaining the specific advantages within the industries represented by the panellists. Each panellist provided insights into how AI was defined within their respective sectors, detailing its various applications and enumerating the unique benefits experienced in their industry contexts. It also delved into addressing the pertinent concerns associated with the implementation of AI, ensuring a comprehensive examination of both the opportunities and challenges that arise in deploying this transformative technology.

The audience gained valuable insights from the wide spectrum of perspectives shared by the panellists, shedding light on various applications of AI across different industries.

Notably, the discussion highlighted the multifaceted nature of AI usage, including its implementation in unexpected sectors such as the fishing industry in the Nyanza region of Kenya. The diverse range of views and real-world examples provided a comprehensive understanding of AI’s impact, enriching the audience’s knowledge and fostering a holistic appreciation for the technology’s versatility and significance in varied contexts.

The discussion concluded with a summary on the advantages of AI use and the need to be cautious on its application. The main sentiment among participants and speakers was that embracing AI is imperative, necessitating a shift in our traditional approaches and modes of operation.

The event concluded with thanks to all participants and a commitment to organise similar events in future.