In December, the CSC bids farewell to Mr Richard Middleton whose distinguished tenure as CSC Chair and formerly as a CSC Commissioner comes to an end in December 2021.

Championing higher education and sustainable development

Richard Middleton has served the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission for over 12 years, beginning in June 2009 as a Commissioner before moving on to become the Chair in 2015. During this time, he has worked with no less than 30 Commissioners in helping to steer the CSC towards its sustainable development objectives and affirm its commitment to the Commonwealth.

Over the years, Richard has overseen a number of successes at the Commission, including the introduction of Time Limited Programmes for The Gambia in 2018, Disability focus in 2019, and Girls’ Education in 2021. Under his leadership, the CSC has also placed greater emphasis on development, equity, and access in its work with Scholars, Fellows, and alumni.

Supporting life-changing opportunities for students

Richard has been a passionate and dedicated ambassador for the CSC during his tenure. With overseas visits to Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, the Bahamas and Fiji, as well as representing the CSC at the highest level with UK government ministers, Richard has greatly contributed to the reputational excellence of the Commission, both in the UK and across the Commonwealth.

As Chair, Richard has shown his commitment to supporting sustainable development through higher education and been a keen advocate for the individuals who receive Commonwealth Scholarships. A regular contributor to and chairing speaker at the CSC’s annual Welcome events for new Scholars and Fellows, Richard has often led from the front in terms of engaging with Scholars and galvanising a cohesive and dynamic network of Scholars throughout the Commonwealth. With curiosity, wisdom, and charm, Richard has also inspired many of the 5,493 Scholars and Fellows whose scholarships were awarded during his time as Chair.

Many of his fellow Commissioners have recognised Richard’s invaluable contribution to public life through supporting and enabling scholarships which for many recipients represent “life-changing decisions, for the individuals, for their institutions and for the societies they do and will serve.”

The CSC would like thank Richard for his long service in support of Commonwealth Scholarships and the many contributions he has made during his time as a Commissioner and Chair of the CSC.