Wilson AsmoahWilson Asamoah (2011 Commonwealth Shared Scholar from Ghana, MSc Food Chain Systems, Cranfield University) has found that his scholarship is enabling him to introduce technical innovation in food supply management systems.

Following his return to Ghana after his Master’s course, Wilson took on the role of Quality Assurance Manager at UII, a company contracted by Nestle to package products. He has also worked as a General Manager for Africa Aid in Liberia.

Wilson is now collaborating on a new project to set up a food processing industry in Ghana.

Wilson found that his experience at Cranfield has given him an in-depth understanding in food safety, food supply management and post-harvest technology. ‘Having hands on experience and skill in modern microbiological techniques gives me the upper hand in quality control and microbiological assays.’

Gaining expertise in food supply management has been the most transformative aspect of Wilson’s studies.  ‘It has been crucial in my role as General Manager at Africa Aid where Logistics and management is crucial’.

As food security becomes much more critical in developing countries Wilson hopes to use his knowledge, skills and experience to improve the livelihoods of those in Ghana and neighbouring countries. I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me by the CSC and the improvement it has brought in my professional life.