Information for disabled Scholars and those with underlying health concerns

We are aware that disabled Scholars and those with health concerns face additional challenges as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. There is some information here on support that is available for you. We will keep this updated as we receive new information.


If you are living in England and are a clinically extremely vulnerable person you will no longer be advised to shield from Thursday 1 April 2021.  In line with the government’s Covid-19 Response – Spring 2021 roadmap published last month, those on the shielded patient list can begin to follow the national restrictions alongside the rest of the population, but are still advised to take extra precautions to keep themselves safe from Covid-19.

Previous guidance that you were advised to follow can be found on the government website.

Help with shopping

If you have a medical condition that makes you extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus, you can register for extra support. Please note that registrations closed on 31 March 2021, but if you already have priority access to supermarket deliveries, you will keep this until 21 June 2021.

Supermarkets are also trying to support vulnerable customers. Disability Rights UK have provided information on support for shielders from supermarkets. It is also worth checking what help you can get from your local supermarket in case they have any additional policies in place.

Contacting your supermarket

You can check for the latest information and find contact details for the major UK supermarkets on their websites. We have included a list of supermarkets and their websites below in case it is helpful.













Marks and Spencer:






Sainsburys has a vulnerable persons careline – 0800 052 5500. It is attempting to prioritise vulnerable customers for home delivery.

Call wait times may be substantial.




Medical Help
If you are unable to get help from your local GP, you can use the NHS out of hours service

There is also information on support you can get from your pharmacy.

If you are due to attend hospital for an appointment, please be aware that hospitals may cancel non-essential appointments. Make sure you check whether your appointment will be going ahead before you travel. You can find the website for a particular hospital through the list of NHS Trusts.

Particular Concerns
If you have any particular concerns that are not addressed here, please contact the Senior Welfare and Immigration Officer at

If you have received help in the community or have any helpful resources to share, please also let us know so we can share this information with other Scholars.