On 2 September 2022, the Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows Alumni Assocation – The Gambia (CoSFAGAM) held their first meeting for members.

CoSFAGAM was established in late 2021. The association aims are to promote networking between Commonwealth Alumni to support development impact in the Gambia, and provide support and guidance to new Commonwealth Scholars through activities and events.

Looking to the future

The meeting began with a networking session for attendees to introduce themselves and was followed by a discussion on the objectives of the association and future plans. It was agreed the aims of the association are to:

  • Create more visibility and awareness about Commonwealth Scholarships in The Gambia;
  • Hold both virtual and in-person informational talks for those who wish to apply for the programme; and
  • Recruit Commonwealth Alumni to join the association.

Following a successful first meeting, the association has developed an online presence and is committed to growing their in-country network. Activities so far have included promoting Commonwealth Scholarship opportunities, supporting Gambian applicants, and guiding new Commonwealth Scholars starting their scholarship joining by providing travel tips, housing recommendations, and guidance on the skills required for UK universities.

In the coming year, CoSFAGAM hope to expand their offerings by holding their first Annual General Meeting and organising an education campaign.

If you are a Commonwealth Alumnus from The Gambia or currently residing in The Gambia and would like to join the local alumni association, you can find full details on the CSC website.