Following a survey in early 2018, the CSC’s Professional Networks were re-launched as Knowledge Hubs. Our nine Knowledge Hubs, run via LinkedIn, provide a platform for Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni studying and working in similar disciplines to network and exchange ideas to support a shared sustainable development outcome.

In September 2018, Scholars were invited to apply to become Knowledge Hub Coordinators. As a Coordinator, Scholars wo

uld have the opportunity to share information about their research and encourage discussions and engagement between hub members to support each other in achieving development impact goals. The CSC received a number of strong applications and faced a difficult decision in choosing our nine new Coordinators.

In December, Coordinators attended a one-day training workshop to share and build their skills in communicating complex research effectively and in using social media for this purpose. The workshop was delivered by Juan Casasbuenas, an experienced science communication trainer. During the training Coordinators were tasked with identifying the key elements of good written communication – content, clarity and captivation – and finding alternative words for the complex terminology used in their areas of study to make their research communications accessible to a wide audience.

Towards the end of the training, coordinators were taken on a social media evidence safari where they were invited to select techniques and advice on using social media posted around the room that they felt should be incorporated into a Knowledge Hub communications plan. In pairs, Coordinators created draft communications plans, drawing on the skills learned in the training and their ideas for what would make engaging content.

If you would like to get involved in the CSC’s Knowledge Hubs and share your research with our coordinators and the wider CSC community, see the Knowledge Hubs webpage for more information and links to the Hubs.