On Wednesday 30 June 2021, the CSC Alumni Team hosted the latest webinar in the Knowledge Hub series, featuring Commonwealth Alumnus Femi Adekoya on the benefits of adopting drone technology in the Nigerian agricultural sector. The webinar addressed the CSC theme, Science and technology for development.

The CSC’s Knowledge Hub webinar series aims to highlight the work and research of Commonwealth Alumni across different areas of development impact.

About the speaker

Femi Adekoya completed his MSc in Integrated Pest Management from Harper Adams University in 2019 through a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. He is an agricultural professional with strong interests and experience in agricultural innovations and technologies. He is the Founder of Agridec Ltd, a Drone Strategist, and Head of Flight Operations at Integrated Aerial Precision. Femi uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) and drone data to help farmers and relevant stakeholders adopt and practice precision agriculture.

Drone technology and agricultural development: Awareness and adoption in Nigeria

In this webinar, Femi presented on the topic of ‘Drone technology and agricultural development: Awareness and adoption in Nigeria’.

Discussing the need for farmers and stakeholders within the agricultural sector to adopt drone technologies, Femi highlighted how this would enable them to practise precision agriculture. Whilst acknowledging the challenges of adopting drone technologies in the Nigerian agriculture sector, Femi’s presentation also pointed to solutions on overcoming these barriers. As a great believer in collaborative efforts, Femi shared his ongoing involvement in raising awareness amongst stakeholders on the impact of drone technologies to improve agricultural practice, including mentoring aspiring drone pilots and students. He concluded his presentation by discussing how the introduction of drone technologies within agriculture can contribute to a range of UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Malabo Montpelier panel recommendations, and the Nigerian National development plan on agriculture. The webinar presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session with Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni.

You can watch the webinar and previous events in the series by visiting the CSC’s YouTube channel.

If you are a Scholar or alumnus who works in the field of drone technologies or innovative agricultural solutions, you can get involved in the discussion by sharing your thoughts and experiences in the Science and technology for development Knowledge Hub. Please note, you must be a member of the Knowledge Hub to access the group.

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