Dr Elizabeth Peri (1985 Commonwealth Scholar, MA Fine Art, University of Nigeria) has enjoyed a varied career which has seen her lecturing in Nigeria to currently working at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

After her MA at the University of Nigeria, she lectured in the Department of Creative Arts at the University of Maiduguri. Many of our alumni enjoy careers in government, whether in politics or in the civil service and Elizabeth has gone onto make an impact in public administration, both in the UK, and the European Commission. In 1991 she joined the UK civil service in the International Criminal Policy Department at the Home Office, and in 1996 moved to the Parliamentary Ombudsmen’s Office. She went on to work at the Department for International Development in 2000. She became Private Secretary to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at DFID in 2003.

Building on her experience in the UK civil service, Elizabeth first began working in Europe when she worked as an exchange civil servant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, France in 2007. A year later, she moved to a post in the Director-General’s Office for Enlargement at the European Commission.