The Commonwealth Scholarships group on LinkedIn now has almost 2,000 members, many of whom are also members of the eight CSC Professional Networks, which are also hosted on LinkedIn.

The Commonwealth Scholarships group gives our Scholars, Fellows and alumni another way to get in touch with us, but, more importantly, allows them to communicate directly with each other.

  • You can share news of a prize or career success so that we can include this in future issues of Commonwealth Scholarships News, but can let other members of the CSC community know about it immediately
  • Access information shared by members about grants, conferences or events
  • Share examples of best practice or write about issues that affect your work and see if other network members face the same issues
  • Posting news about your work and career also enables us to follow your career and alerts us to updates  for your alumni record and online Directory profile

Sharing news and views with the community

Commonwealth Scholarships News, e-newsletters and emails play a vital and important part in keeping Scholars, Fellows and alumni informed. But, our LinkedIn group allows us to let you know about news as it happens, such as the appointment of alumnus Mark Carney (1991 Commonwealth Scholar from Canada, DPhil Economics, University of Oxford) as the new Governor of the Bank of England, last November.

Comments on news of the last online Directory update provided helpful feedback on the layout of the online Directory that enabled the CSC to make improvements. It also enabled us to discuss the way in which we update our Directory with a large group of alumni at the same time.

Discussions on some of our Professional Networks also allow the CSC to identify common problems faced by our alumni. Posts on the Public Health Network have shown how members in different countries, sometimes dealing with different public health challenges, face similar barriers in planning or providing treatment.  This sort of dialogue can help us plan how we can help prepare current Scholars or Fellows for meeting such challenges when they return home.

Get involved!

At the CSC we are always delighted to hear how your scholarship or fellowship has helped you in your future career or studies. As you know, Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships are highly competitive, and our alumni have an impressive record in achievement after their CSC-funded course.  Our alumni often have a transformational effect, in their communities, places of work, and often at national or international levels.

It’s important that you keep in touch with the CSC so that we can report on your success in our publications. Participating in the CSC’s online networks enables you to share your professional achievements, and is an important way for you to share your experiences and help the new generation of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows.

Visit the Commonwealth Scholarships group on LinkedIn and then join our networks – Commonwealth Scholarships group members can belong to as many of the networks as they find relevant to their professional interests.

Email us if you have any questions about joining the networks.