Some of our CSC Professional Networks now have groups on LinkedIn, allowing both the CSC and also our alumni to post discussion and news topics, as well as share professional experiences and best practice. Using such social media is part of the CSC’s strategy to increase interactivity for network members, alumni and award holders.

At this stage the networks with LinkedIn groups are:

  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Governance
  • Legal

Alumni who wish to join these networks on LinkedIn will need to join the Commonwealth Scholarships parent group, and can then join the network groups (as these are subgroups of the main group). In time we aim to set up LinkedIn groups for all the professional networks, including our new network in the area of Economics and Finance.

The Commonwealth Scholarships group and network groups are closed groups and we only register CSC alumni and award holders to these groups. The alumni email address to which this email has been sent has been pre-approved for membership of the Commonwealth Scholarships and networks groups, so if this is an email address you use on LinkedIn already you will be able to join any of the groups immediately. If you use another email address on LinkedIn you may need to request to join the groups.

If you have any queries you can always email: