Many of our Scholars, Fellows and alumni are members of our CSC Professional Networks. Whilst three of these networks are sent out as e-newsletters (Education, Public Health and Gender) the other five groups are now interactive groups on LinkedIn:

  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Economics and Finance
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Science and Technology

The CSC has recently undertaken a survey of network members’ views, and we are grateful to all members who participated. The survey findings will soon be made available and we will inform all those who took part. Broadly, feedback showed that three-quarters of respondents use social media for online networking and that members value information on locally held events, expert analysis and welcome the opportunity to use the group to network with stakeholders such as High Commissions, the British Council and DFID local offices.

The CSC will work with network co-ordinators to continue to develop the networks. However, we want the networks to be shaped by your interests and experiences!

  • You can post news and events to our main Commonwealth Scholarships group
  • Share your involvement in events and examples of research or best practice through the Professional Networks
  • Have you found a post from another member or Network Co-ordinator useful in providing information on an event or grant, or has it helped you form research collaborations? Please comment on LinkedIn or email us to let us know – this helps us provide more targeted information for you in the future

Members can join as many of the Professional Networks that are of interest or relevant to professional activities.

If you have any queries about joining our Networks, please email us.

Gender Professional Network

The Gender Professional Network will be launched on LinkedIn in November, with two new co-ordinators. The aim is to provide links to news and resources for those working in the field or interested in the area, but also to facilitate networking to enable encouragement and support for women on award and on the return home post-award.  If you are a member or join our Commonwealth Scholarships LinkedIn group, you will be informed when the network goes live.