28 January 2022

Experiences of Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni: Enabling Factors and Barriers to Scholarship Impact

Enabling factors: Full report 313 KB | 9 pages

The CSC offers a wide range of Scholarships and Fellowships which provide opportunities for talented and motivated individuals from across the Commonwealth to gain knowledge and skills with the aim of contributing towards sustainable development. Over the years, data collected from the Commonwealth Alumni has reinforced anecdotal evidence that the wide variety of contexts that Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows return to can act as barriers or enabling factors (or in some cases both) when it comes to Alumni securing relevant employment, applying the skills and knowledge acquired during their studies to their full potential, and realising their potential for development impact.

To further explore this, we examined existing evaluation datasets to identify and collate recurring themes. A set of nine enabling factors and eight constraints or barriers were identified. Using this evidence, the CSC is currently developing new ways to support Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni so that the skills and knowledge acquired during their Scholarships and Fellowships can be effectively applied to deliver development outcomes in their respective communities and beyond. This work was presented by the CSC Evaluation Team at the meeting of International Donor Organisations in November 2021.

Read the full CSC Evaluation Programme Working Paper here.