2012 Commonwealth Scholar Boghuma Titanji’s talk on ethics and HIV research has been picked as today’s talk at www.ted.com

Boghuma, who is from Cameroon, is studying for an MPhil in HIV Drug Resistance at University College London. Her talk at Goodenough College last year considered the question: What happens to research subjects after the research is over?

This question was inspired by Celine, a woman Boghuma met during her MPhil fieldwork research. After participating in a clinical trial for antiretroviral drugs, Celine remains unable to afford the life-saving drugs – or even the bus fare to her local health clinic. Boghuma asks ‘How do we ensure that in the search for the cure we do not take an unfair advantage of those who are already most affected by the pandemic?’, and suggests four areas that researchers should consider before carrying out their research.