The CSC’s 2022 Leaders in Sustainable Development workshops began last term with sessions on writing, networking, leadership, and project management to support career success and development impact.

Hosted online, the workshops offer an inclusive space for Scholars studying at different UK universities to learn together, develop new skills, and hear about each other’s experiences. The workshops also enable Scholars studying in the UK to connect with Distance Learning Scholars who are completing their courses remotely from their home countries.

We asked Scholars who attended the Research Project Management workshop to share their thoughts on the session and how they felt it had helped their development.

What motivated you to apply for this workshop?

“I was motivated to choose the Research Project Management workshop amongst the other attractive options because I believed it would shape my research thinking and focus, and prepare me to handle projects in the future in a more professional and efficient manner.”


Edwin Sam-Mbomah, 2021 Commonwealth PhD Scholar from Sierra Leone

How has your perception of managing research projects changed since attending the workshop?

“Before the start of the workshop my knowledge base in research project management was very low and I thought it was almost impossible to grasp the main principles within the allotted time for the workshop. However, my perception completely changed as I was able to quickly comprehend the main principles guiding research project management. This was made possible because the instructor showed real professionalism in her delivery methods and got everyone involved in the process. We asked as many questions as possible and all of them were adequately answered. Now, I am proud to say, I really have the passion to learn more about project management.”


Edwin Sam-Mbomah, 2021 Commonwealth PhD Scholar from Sierra Leone

What was the most important takeaway from the workshop?

“One of the most relevant takeaway points, and I considered it to be the climax from the workshop, was the six final tips for an effective and efficient research project management.

The engagement from fellow Scholars and how they shared their experiences was a very interesting aspect of the session.”


Edwin Sam-Mbomah, 2021 Commonwealth PhD Scholar from Sierra Leone

“What I enjoyed most was task prioritisation. Knowing how to sort tasks and attend to those that are urgent and important whilst planning for those that are not urgent but still important is currently helping me deal with my workload. I also enjoyed the time management techniques, specifically ‘Eat the Frog’ and ‘Pomodoro’ which I am currently using in carrying out my study and project tasks.”


Scholar workshop participant, anonymous feedback survey

“The session gave me a thorough understanding of what project management entails and how it could be effectively used in my doctoral research. It highlighted different tools to ensure a project is efficiently managed within the stipulated time frame. Overall, the session was really excellent and timely.”


Scholar workshop participant, anonymous feedback survey

“The training was essential to my growth, and it met all my expectations. I would 100% recommend this workshop as it is very important for research project management.”


Scholar workshop participant, anonymous feedback survey

Don’t forget to join a Leaders in Sustainable Development workshop this year!

The Leaders in Sustainable Development workshops resume this month with sessions on social impact planning, transitioning to a new career, and securing funding for development projects, so look out for more information about your chosen workshop coming soon.

Scholars in the UK will also have a chance to join a regional workshop to explore development themes and ideas in greater focus.

To find out about the upcoming workshops this term please visit the CSC events page for further details.