Mahesh de SilvaCommonwealth Scholarship alumni and Science & Technology Network members around the world make significant contributions through scientific research, product development, community projects and by communicating science more affectively to the general public.

As the Science & Technology Network coordinator, I am delighted to introduce these articles featuring the work of our members. I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, and was a recipient of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship.

I’ve held key engineering and consultant positions at several successful Cambridge University spin off companies and currently work as Technical Authority, Power Electronics at E2V Technologies in the UK developing high power Radio Frequency products.

My main interests include renewable energy generation, energy harvesting and improving energy efficiency in products. I see energy harvesting, nanotechnology, robotics, Internet of Things and 3D printing as some of the key technology trends in the near future. What do you think?

I’d like to know what interests you and whether you are working in any of the areas above – please post your views and news to our Science & Technology Professional Network!

The members featured below represent and exemplify the breadth of experience and regional diversity of network members and alumni.

Wilson Asamoah is building on his experience gained from his MSc in Food Chain Systems to improve food security in his home country of Ghana and more widely in the region.

I M Dharmadasa updates us on his ‘Solar Village’ project which has undergone successful pilot periods in Sri Lanka, and is now looking to export its expertise to Asia and Africa.

Shaun Hendy received the he won The Prime Minister’s Science Media Communication Prize in 2012 for his communication and commentary on the world of science. He recently developed Pounamu, a free online game to encourage greater public interaction in science.