Dr Manmohan Kapur (1968 Commonwealth Academic Fellow from India, Medical Education, Imperial College London School of Medicine at Hammersmith) has extensive experience as a consultant surgeon, and as a Professor of Surgery.

Manmohan contacted us after reading the last issue of Commonwealth Scholarships News (issue 16), which focused on the theme of professional development. Continuing education within the workplace  is obviously very important in the medical field, and an area that Manmohan has been involved with in India.

‘India has a large number of medical graduates entering the workforce every year, in the region of 10 -12,000. Many of them work in the 20,000 district or registered hospitals. Many hospitals are not supported by library resources.’

Over the last three years Manmohan has started providing, best practice information through the internet for the physicians in these hospitals, to enable continuing development for the doctors and nurses. He has also provided information for patients to inform them about how they can look after their health,

Manmohan is keen to hear from other CSC alumni who may also be involved in providing support to early career professionals. Are you involved in peer support or workplace mentoring? You can email us or share your experiences with the CSC community online at at our LinkedIn group.