Engagement Activities
for Scholars

Make the most of your Scholarship by participating in the CSC’s engagement activities, as described below.

Join our FutureLearn course: 'Understanding Development Impact'

All Scholars are encouraged to complete this course (we recommend you spend 6 weeks on it but you may choose to complete it over a shorter or longer period).

This is a great way to meet Scholars online from all over the Commonwealth and discuss development issues with your peers. Please email engage@cscuk.org.uk if you need instructions on how to register.

Sign up for workshops as part of our ‘Leaders in Sustainable Development’ programme

Look out for emails from the CSC Engagement Team inviting you to sign up for and attend workshops as part of your training in development skills and issues.

You will have the chance to gain a certificate at the end of the academic year after sending us your completed Development Training Record.

Attend a regional event

Sign up for and attend a Regional event where you can introduce yourself to your friendly Regional Network Coordinator who can give you more details of your region and relevant activities.

Join a Facebook group

Join the Facebook group for your cohort and your UK Regional Group to meet and get chatting to fellow Scholars, and learn of fun opportunities happening for your region.

Regional Network event

Attend a Scholar drop-in session

Attend a Scholar drop-in session with CSC staff: check your emails for the joining details of the next event and see the Events calendar for dates of forthcoming drop-ins.

Attend a site visit

Attend one of our forthcoming university site visits: These are a chance to meet your Programme Officer and other Scholars at your university.

Attend a large CSC event

Attend large CSC events such as Connect and Collaborate, held in February, and Farewell (held in July), and meet Scholars from across the Commonwealth. Invitations for these will be emailed to you by the CSC Engagement team.

Welcome Programme 2014

Join a Knowledge Hub

Join a Knowledge Hub relevant to your studies to add your expert thoughts and discuss current issues under a specific development theme. Monthly webinars will be held, with opportunities for Q&A and discussions on a particular theme.

We ask you all to check with your email provider about how to personalise your mailing filters to avoid missing out on opportunities.

You may need to adjust your inbox settings and add engage@cscuk.org.uk to your contacts list to ensure future mailings aren’t diverted to your spam folder.