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Cultural Intelligence
Date: 25/02/21
Duration: 15:20-17:30
Location: Online

Discover how Cultural Intelligence can help improve teamwork and communication in this online workshop.

This workshop will introduce Scholars to the concept of ‘Cultural Intelligence’ (CQ) and how it can be used practically as a tool by for working in new environments and teams.

The workshop will cover different examples of Cultural Intelligence and how to apply it to different settings. Scholars will learn about how Cultural Intelligence affects interactions with others and strategies for managing their own Cultural Intelligence on a personal and professional level.

Scholars will get the opportunity to work on their own personal communication style and also explore ways that they can use Cultural Intelligence for getting along in a specific UK context.

This virtual session will be highly interactive and give Scholars ample opportunity to discuss their ideas in breakout rooms throughout the session and also during Q&A towards the end of the workshop.

This workshop is part of the CSC’s Development Training Programme for the 2020-21 academic year.

CSC workshops focus on professional and practical skills and are designed to be interactive, with small groups of Scholars and Fellows taking part in each event.

Please complete the pre-workshop quiz and return it to the CSC Engagement Team ( by 17:00 on Tuesday 23 February.

Task: You should then prepare a 1-2 minute presentation on your strongest CQ skill from the quiz (i.e. cognitive CQ, emotional CQ, or physical CQ) and talk about a situation in the past where you have demonstrated strong competency in this skill. You will present on your chosen CQ skill during a breakout room session as part of the workshop.

If you attended the workshop, you can view the presentation slides here.

You can also download the Engagement and Reflection Log here.

This workshop will be run by AccessEd, a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting fair access to university for all young people. Alongside running in-school programmes for under-represented pupils, they also work with researchers across the world, training them to focus on outreach and public engagement skills, career readiness, and leadership development.

AccessEd workshops are designed and delivered by qualified teachers and academics with extensive experience of training researchers across the UK and internationally.