We are pleased to announce the start of our Leaders in Sustainable Development Programme for Commonwealth Scholars.

The Leaders in Sustainable Development Programme supports Scholars in effecting real development impact and becoming change-makers in their home countries after their scholarship.

Through online training and discussion-based workshops, the programme complements Scholars’ academic studies and research enabling them to realise their development aims and create communities of practice with those working under the same CSC development theme.

Understanding Development Impact

The first part of the programme is our online training course, ‘Understanding Development Impact’, which begins before Scholars start their university studies. This training outlines key concepts in international development and introduces tools that can be used for delivering and evaluating development impact.

Over the past year, more than 680 Scholars have participated in the online training course, contributing to discussions and peer review activities that have supported cross-disciplinary social learning.

Leaders in Sustainable Development workshops

Scholars in Oxford take part in the Writing for Development workshop in 2023

Our Leaders in Sustainable Development workshops begin in January 2024. These will feature a blend of in-person and online workshops, so that Scholars can access the programme no matter where they are. The workshops are designed to support a range of learning, from improving professional skills to leading development projects, and are guided by an evidence-based approach to achieving impact.

Throughout the Leaders in Sustainable Development Programme, Scholars are encouraged to reflect on their learning by using the course materials provided to consolidate their skills and knowledge for the future.

Transforming the programme

Last year, over 150 Scholars joined the Leaders in Sustainable Development workshops and provided useful feedback on the value of the programme.

Building on the feedback we received, this year we have adapted the programme to offer more interactive sessions as well as hosting university lecturer led workshops supported by the CSC’s Regional Network Coordinators. These workshops will be tailored to specific areas of research and learning so Scholars can attend sessions that most relevant to them. They will also provide fantastic opportunities to connect with Scholars working in similar areas.

‘I found the training to help to shape my PhD project even before starting my programme. For instance, I was able to shape my objectives, and link them with sustainable development, making my own SWOT analysis and identify[ing] the likely challenges…and I faced some of them. The good news was that I was aware of them because of the training!’


Scholar participant in 2023, Writing for Development workshop

How to apply

The Understanding Development Impact training is open now for all 2023 Scholars. You can find the joining link in your Launch News mailing.

Applications for the Leaders in Sustainable Development workshops will open soon and you can find more information about the programme on our website.

If you have any queries, please contact the CSC Engagement Team on engage@cscuk.org.uk to find out more about the programme.