Development Training and Engagement

Development Training and engagement is a key part of the Commonwealth Scholarship award. The CSC aims to equip Commonwealth Scholars with the skills to effect real development impact on their return home, as well as to create a community of motivated Commonwealth Scholars through an extensive programme of training and networking.

CSC Virtual Engagement Programme

With the unfolding Covid-19 crisis in the UK, the CSC took the decision in mid-March 2020 to cancel all planned face to face events until further notice to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our Scholars and staff involved in delivering these events, and to comply with Government guidance.

In response to this change we commenced our Virtual Engagement Programme of events, activities and training to provide alternative ways for Scholars and Fellows to continue networking and developing their professional skills in an online space.

Virtual site visits

Throughout 2020 we have hosted a large number of virtual site visits at institutions across the UK, inviting Scholars and Fellows to talk about their research and experiences of studying with CSC staff and Commissioners. These site visits have offered Scholars and Fellows a chance to connect with their peers and raise questions with CSC staff in an informal setting.

We will be continuing our virtual site visits and look forward to following Scholars’ progress during their studies.

Understanding Development Impact training

In May 2020 we launched our Understanding Development Impact training on FutureLearn for all Scholars. This training introduces Scholars to some of the key concepts in development today and provides approaches and tools to help Scholars achieve development impact through their work.

We have seen a significant number of Scholars progress through the Understanding Development Impact training and improve their professional skills and development understanding whilst also connecting with fellow Scholars through topic discussions and peer review activities.

Virtual Development Training Programme workshops

The knowledge and skills that Scholars acquire in Understanding Development Impact training feeds into the CSC’s virtual development training programme workshops which run throughout the academic year to prepare Scholars for the projects and careers they will undertake after their scholarship.

The workshops cover a broad range of topics from public engagement and networking skills through to understanding cultural intelligence and planning for social impact. The skills training that Scholars receive during these workshops enable them to make meaningful contributions in their professional field and effect real development impact in their post-scholarship work.

Please visit to the CSC Events web page to find out more about the development training and engagement opportunities we have coming up this year.

Apply NOW for the Virtual Development Training Programme 2020-21!

We are pleased to announce that the 2020-21 Virtual Development Training Programme of workshops for current Scholars is open for applications.

To register your interest in attending any of this year’s workshops, you will be required to complete an application form. Workshop places will be offered based on your answers to the application questions, which will be scored according to the level of relevance and detail supplied. Please note, there is an attendance capacity limit for each workshop session, so we cannot guarantee you will be offered a place for every workshop you apply for.

Please see below for a list of workshops available in this year’s programme and click on the application link to register your interest. Scholars will be given the opportunity to attend at least one training workshop during the year that is most suitable to their course and professional/personal development.

Virtual Development Training Programme workshops 

  1. Writing for development
  2. Communicating to increase the impact of your research (part 1 and part 2)
  3. Preparing for social impact: strategy planning
  4. 5 years on from the SDGs
  5. Public engagement project
  6. Mastering networking
  7. Research proposal & grant writing for development impact (part 1 and part 2)
  8. Research project management
  9. Leadership models and decision making
  10. Influencing and overcoming barriers
  11. Social enterprise
  12. Social entrepreneurship: launching your own project
  13. Developing great professional skills
  14. Writing and communicating in diverse teams
  15. Transitioning to a career
  16. Social entrepreneurship: impact and evaluation (part 1 and part 2)

How to apply

Please complete this application form to register your interest in attending.

Deadline to register: 10:00 (GMT) on Friday 30 October 2020