Applications for the CSC’s Alumni Community Engagement Fund (ACEF) are now open!

ACEF is an annual fund which seeks to support Commonwealth Alumni in raising awareness of key development issues at the community level through the organisation of an engagement activity.

Small Changes for Big Impact

Small changes implemented at the community level can lead to big impact over time. ACEF supports Commonwealth Alumni in delivering engaging activities designed to raise awareness and support individuals in implementing small changes at the community level with the aim of achieving long-term positive impact.

Each year, the CSC selects themes for ACEF. This year’s theme exclusive to all 2023 Commonwealth Professional Fellows is, Gender and Sexuality. 

To find out more about this year’s theme and how to apply, keep reading.

Gender and Sexuality

Open to all 2023 Commonwealth Professional Fellows.

Large array of colourful umbrellas suspended in the air.Human rights in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity are a significant issue across the Commonwealth. Activities developed and delivered under this theme will seek to support and promote the rights, freedoms, dignity, and inclusion of communities who are discriminated against because of gender identity or sexuality.

Activities may address this theme through a range of sectors and fields, such as health, employment, legal rights, education, promote advocacy, advice and support, and wellbeing.

Proposed activities may include: raising awareness on gender inequality and inequity; developing mental health campaigns for those facing stigma and discrimination; delivering workshops on access to education, healthcare, and legal services for vulnerable and under-represented populations; and promoting anti-bullying in schools or workplaces.

This fund will be exclusive to Professional Fellows who completed their Fellowship as part of the Gender and Sexuality TLP. Fellows will be encouraged to work together, where possible, to deliver their activity, taking inspiration from the activities delivered by Commonwealth Alumni under this theme in 2023/24.

Why take part?

This is an exciting opportunity for Commonwealth Alumni to develop and deliver a community-focused activity designed to raise awareness on a range of challenges related to one of the above themes. Activities may include skills-based training, lectures, seminars, workshops, public service projects, and events which invite discussion and problem-solving.

Successful applicants will be awarded a grant of £1,200 to support their activity delivery.

How to apply

Fellows applying for the fund should:

  • Demonstrate their professional knowledge and background in gender and sexuality theme in their proposed activity
  • Highlight how this is linked to what they learned on their Professional Fellowship
  • Outline how their proposed activity is linked to the work of their host organisation

Fellows may apply as individuals, or as a small group of 2023 Professional Fellows from the same or another host organisation. Cross country delivery may be proposed in activity delivery.

To apply, you must read the 2024-25 Alumni Community Engagement Fund Terms and Conditions for Professional Fellows and complete the online application form. To view application questions before completing the online form, you can see a PDF copy first.

The deadline for applications is 23:59 (BST) on Thursday 30 May 2024. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. Please note that the CSC is not able to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Looking for inspiration?

Get inspired by previous ACEF activities organised by Commonwealth Alumni by visiting the ACEF webpage to read articles and stories on the impact they have achieved (and continue to grow) through ACEF.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please email the CSC Alumni Team at