The Wales Regional Network for Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows will host its third seminar in the series ‘Commemorating the Modern Commonwealth through Research and Cultural Exchange’.

The event will be held on Thursday 25 July 2013 at Bangor University, and will feature presentations from three Scholars:

Md Ashaduzzaman, CSC Scholar from Bangor University
‘Noble wood protection by natural renewable product: An investigation on bio-resin modified wood’

Jalpa Sukhanandi, CSC Scholar from Swansea University
‘Women, the informal economy and occupational identities: Perspectives on gender-related political economy dilemmas in India’

Calvince Ouko Othoo, CSC Scholar from the University of Aberystwyth
‘Arsenic: Geochemistry and its associated environmental problems’

For more information or to reserve a place at this seminar  please contact Dacia Leslie – places are limited.