For Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows
in the United Kingdom


The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC) is the body appointed by Act of Parliament to supervise the operation of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) in the UK. The CSC is responsible for setting policy, making selections, and providing general direction. Day-to-day administration is undertaken by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), which provides the ‘CSC Secretariat’. The CSC Secretariat is responsible for providing all scholarship administration, as well as assisting the CSC with selecting candidates for Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships, securing university placements for them, and supervising their studies. The CSC Secretariat is also responsible for scholarship payments, travel, and welfare. The British Council is responsible for providing a pre-departure briefing and is involved in working with our alumni overseas.


This Handbook explains the regulations for the administration of Commonwealth Scholarships in the United Kingdom. These regulations do not apply to Commonwealth Shared Scholarships or Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships. Regulations may be changed without notice during the term of a Commonwealth Scholarship and any changes will apply with immediate effect.

This Handbook provides general guidelines only and does not cover in detail every aspect of all scholarships. You and your supervisors/hosts should always check with the CSC Secretariat, after consulting the Handbook, about specific issues. Your Notification of Award will detail any conditions specifically applicable in your case.

Programme Officers

In your Notification of Award, you will find the name of your Programme Officer who will be your main point of contact at the CSC during your scholarship. Your Programme Officer is there to help if you have any queries or experience any difficulties during your scholarship.  You should contact your Programme Officer if you encounter any problems or have any questions which are not answered in your Notification of Award or in this Handbook including about the financial aspects of your scholarship, travel arrangements, and welfare issues. Your Programme Officer may change from time to time during your scholarship.

If you have a visa query or an urgent welfare concern during your scholarship, please contact the Senior Welfare and Immigration Officer.

CSC Secretariat Contacts

Programme Officers

Jordan Dalton | 020 3751 7878 | jordan.dalton@csc.uk.org.uk

Mariam Golashvili | 020 7380 6701 | mariam.golashvili@cscuk.org.uk

Maggie Goncalves | 020 3714 8369 | maggie.goncalves@cscuk.org.uk

Ruth Mensah | 020 7380 6716 | ruth.mensah@cscuk.org.uk

Jasmin Osman | 020 3751 7873 | jasmin.osman@cscuk.org.uk

Sanja Potnar | 020 7830 6704 | sanja.potnar@cscuk.org.uk

Selcan Yagmur | 020 7380 6782 | selcan.yagmur@cscuk.org.uk

Senior Programme Officers

James Goldsmith | 020 7380 6751 | james.goldsmith@cscuk.org.uk

Sarah Wooley | 020 7380 6730 | sarah.wooley@cscuk.org.uk

Senior Welfare and Immigration Officer

Jim Dale | 020 7380 6783 |  jim.dale@cscuk.org.uk

Programme Assistant

Ugbad Elmi | ugbad.elmi@cscuk.org.uk

Team Assistant

Aryam Isak | aryam.isak@cscuk.org.uk

General Queries

Welfare and Immigration

020 7380 6783 | welfare@cscuk.org.uk



Other Queries

Student Engagement




Evaluation and Monitoring




Fraud, Bribery and Corruption