For Commonwealth Scholars 
in the United Kingdom


Congratulations on your success in gaining a prestigious award from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC). I urge you to do all you can to make the very most of this opportunity to develop your academic talent, research, and experience.

I am confident that you will. My fellow Commissioners and I reviewed your application – along with hundreds of others – very carefully. We were looking for people with many talents: intellectual ability, so you would succeed in your studies; a personal commitment to development and to making a contribution to your nation’s and region’s success; and the potential for leadership and influence, for the common good – for the ‘common-wealth’.

I hope that you will really enjoy your time experiencing life and learning at a UK university. Many other Scholars and Fellows have, over the past 65 years of the scholarship scheme, created memories that endure. I am sure you will have a wonderful time and create your own lasting memories too. I encourage you to find out about and participate in the many CSC events, networks, and other activities: join your Regional Network, register for our Leaders in Sustainable Development workshops, and join us at events in London and elsewhere in the UK – and maybe start your own initiative, such as a journal club, research conference, or charity event.

My fellow Commissioners and I look forward to meeting you person and hearing about your progress and interests. When you finish your award, we will also keep in touch with you as an active member of our alumni network. Please remember to keep telling us about your achievements, as well as encouraging other talented Commonwealth citizens to consider applying for one of our scholarships or fellowships. As Commonwealth Scholars and future alumni, you will be inspiring role models for them.

This Handbook is designed to be of use to you throughout your scholarship. It explains our administrative arrangements and contains general information about the CSC. It also sets out the rules we will abide by to ensure fairness and equity in the delivery of our programmes.

Please make this Handbook the first point of enquiry if you need to know something about your scholarship. If questions remain after reading the Handbook, please, of course, contact your Programme Officer at the CSC Secretariat.

I am confident that your time as a Commonwealth Scholar will be immensely rewarding. On behalf of the CSC Commissioners and Secretariat, I wish you success. Our aspiration for you is that you will continue to thrive in your academic and professional career and that your experience studying at a UK institution will boost your personal contribution to the development of your country in numerous ways.

Professor Robin Mason
Chair – Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom