The CSC is very pleased to welcome its new Regional Network Coordinators who will be leading an exciting programme of events and activities for Scholars in their UK regions this year.

After a competitive selection process, the final 12 Scholars were decided in October and recently attended their first training session with the CSC Engagement Team. As welcome activities begin this month, Scholars can look out for messages from their new Regional Network Coordinator about how they can get involved in activities and shape the direction of their network in the months ahead.

In the meantime, read more about the new Regional Network Coordinators and what they will be bringing to the Networks this year!


Saratu Muazu Bello is the Regional Network Coordinator for West Scotland. Although she is a keen data scientist, Saratu is also passionate about social justice and has undertaken some inspiring initiatives in her hometown of Sokoto, Nigeria.

Stephen Gyasi Oduro is treading the path of environmental science and, with plenty of experience of leadership and decision making behind him, is well set up to take over as the Regional Network Coordinator for East Scotland.

Find out more about Saratu and Stephen on the Scotland Regional Network page.

South East

Esther Fiona Atek takes over as the Regional Network Coordinator for the South East. She is passionate about being a pillar of change in her society and bringing her skills in leadership to help people thrive.


Faika Laz Banti says that travelling and meeting new people has helped her to stay motivated throughout her studies and so this is the philosophy she will be bringing as the new Regional Network Coordinator for London.


As a business development professional, Chidinma Akaniro is used to making a success of every opportunity that comes her way, which bodes well for Scholars in Cambridge as she takes up the role of Regional Network Coordinator there.

Find out more about Esther, Faika, and Chidinma on the South East Regional Network page.

South West

Precious Ozemoya has considerable experience of bringing networks together to support sustainable development initiatives – perfect preparation, then, for leading the South West Regional Network this year.

Find out more about Precious on the South West Regional Network page.


Emmanuel Otuko is an agriculture and forestry enthusiast who has spent many years working with farmers to organise and provide training that can help them. He hopes to bring the same passion and drive as the Regional Network Coordinate for Wales.

Northern Ireland

Vincent Mithiani takes city planning and design very seriously and, as the new Regional Network Coordinator for Northern Ireland, plans to incorporate elements of culture and research into the events he organises this year.

Find out more about Emmanuel and Vincent on the Wales and Northern Ireland Regional Network page.

North West

As a medical doctor, Akorede Kamilu Abiodun is used working collaboratively to achieve better health outcomes. He also enjoys talking politics, staying fit, and playing video games – all great attributes that he will bring as the new Regional Network Coordinator for the North West.

Find out more about Akorede on the North West Regional Network page.

North East

Ruben Muhayiteto is passionate about tackling health inequalities in the community and is keen to organise a seminar on how Scholars can achieve the SDG aims. With his past experience of capacity building, Ruben is sure to deliver a positive impact as the Regional Network Coordinator for the North East.

Find out more about Ruben on the North East Regional Network page.


Joshua Awoke is a seasoned Commonwealth Scholar with sginificant experience in teaching, mentoring, and research. So, Scholars can look forward to some fascinating research events as Joshua becomes the Regional Network Coordinator for the Midlands.


Sharmin Yousuf Rikta is keen advocate for higher education and enjoys empowering community leadership. As an enthusiastic networker, Sharmin will be bringing the collaborative spark to her role as Regional Network Coordinator for Oxford.

Find out more about Joshua and Sharmin on the Midlands and Oxford Regional Network page.

How to get involved in your Network this year!

The CSC would like to thank everyone who applied to become Regional Network Coordinators this year. We received a high number of exceptional applications this year, which highlighted the commitment and enthusiasm for networking and collaboration within the Scholar community.

Even if you weren’t selected to be Regional Network Coordinator this year, you can still play an important role as an active of your network or by becoming a University Representative.

University Representatives work closely with the Regional Network Coordinators to plan events and act as a point of contact for Scholars at different institutions across their region.

To find out about becoming a University Representative, please contact your Regional Network Coordinator.